Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Next time you're in Munusing...

One of the ideas of this discussion is how we interact with our places, and one of the ways we interact is in gathering-place businesses. Local coffee shops and cafes, bookstores, and other businesses invite us to linger and socialize. It's good for building community and it provides a livelihood to the owners and workers. The business supports the town and the town supports the business. It's a place to slow down a bit and have conversations with each other. It's good for our mental health as well as business.

One such business is Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore in Munising, Michigan. A friend suggested that it was worth a stop and it surely is. A large selection of new and used books along with coffees, teas and treats nice people. So I forward the recommendation on to you. check it out in person or

I stopped briefly late one evening on my way to Marquette. Although it was officially closed, they invited me to come on in and get some coffee. Coffee was good, book collection looked interesting but I didn't have time to browse. Steve Riekki was there promoting U.P., his coming of age novel set in the UP.

You know you live in a cool place when it's the setting of many books.
What's your favorite UP-placed book? What's your recommended gathering place businesses that we may not know of?

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