Monday, November 1, 2010

Marking the Seasons

What season is it in your place? Other than ‘autumn,’ would you reply:
a. high school football playoff season
b. deer archery season
c. in-between tourist seasons
d. putting-up-produce season
e. make-room-in-the-garage-so-I-don’t-have-to-scrape-frost-off-the-windshield-in-the-morning season
f. other (specify)_____________________
g. All of the above.

How do the people in your place mark the rhythms of the year? What’s special and unique about the seasons in your place?

A mundane chore is to make sure the snowblower starts and to get the covers on the shrubs in front of the house so that the snow sliding off the roof doesn’t break the centers of the shrubs. There’s fun chores as well such as canning the late season produce. Applesauce is surely one of life’s simple pleasures.
The season offers some unique scenery as well. Now that the he arboreal showoffs have cast their red and orange leaves, it’s the golden age of tamaracks. The leaf off season also affords longer sight distances in the woods. It’s a treat to see the bright red berries of the Michigan holly. It must have been a good year for Michigan holly; it seems like they’re everywhere.

Get out and enjoy the season. It’s good for your mental and physical health. Some communities capitalize on each season to encourage visitors to come and spend money. Here, other than hunting season, it seems to be an in-between tourist time – past the fall colors, not snowmobile season yet. Harvest festivals such as Oktoberfest have past, The Holiday Season hasn’t really started (the national retailers notwithstanding). I haven’t seen any towns offer a ‘First Frost Festival,’ so maybe it’s the catch your breath season with respect to tourism.

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