Friday, December 3, 2010

let the wild rumpus begin

just got in from skiing at least part of the campus loop thanks to the 10" or so of snow we got in town yesterday. (I declared it too windy yesterday for me to go skiing -- what's nice about having reliable snow is that one can wait for the better conditions of a tomorrow. When I lived in kansas, we had to go out that very day for snow fun because that particular snow wouldn't be there long.)

i was crowded by appts before and after so could only do the first 2/3 of the loop. but it seemed like the full 3/3 in terms of workout. guess it has been about 6 weeks since the end of running season, and let's see ,thanksgiving eat fest was still in full swing just a week ago, so OK i have some getting in shape to do.

monday i'll have the 40 minutes it takes me do to the whole loop in trail breaking mode.

last summer, the students put up a disc golf course that matches up in several spots to the xc ski loop. we should have a biatholon but with disc golf instead of rifle shooting. any takers?

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