Saturday, February 12, 2011

involving youth in placemaking

One of the objectives of a place making project is to make your town the kind of town that people want to be in. And since one of the groups of people we want to stay in our town are young people, shouldn't young people have a role in the placemaking process?

Our city is initiating a project to develop more of a college-town flavor. I'm hoping that not only the college students but also the high school students that are likely to become local college students, are involved.

Any of you out there in blog-o-land been involved in a public placemaking project that reached out to youth? What strategies did you use to engage the youth and to help make the place attractive to youth?

Project for Public Spaces has very inspiring case study from Croatia
about how the youth helped an area recover after the wars.

I'm also looking for less dramatic examples.

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