Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pay yourself first

The financial advisors say ‘pay yourself first.’ They’re not saying to be stingy, just to make sure you stash some money into savings before it disappears. That advice also applies to tending to your mental health. Before all your time gets spent doing all the wonderful things you do for everyone else, take a few minutes to recharge yourself. It’s a wise investment. It’s too easy to fall into the daily routine. Get away from it even for a few minutes and you’ll be able to apply yourself more effectively to those other activities. For me this time of year, it's a quick stop to look out over the landscape or a quick ski around campus. If I have a few more minutes on a work day, I can get out to one of four natural areas within a few minutes of campus. Not for a long adventure ski (that’s for a different time). Just a quick diversion. Part of living here is the opportunity to do a quick ski right here in town. If I can then take an additional few minutes to write about it, that’s a bonus. How do you take advantage of what your place has to offer to pay yourself first in your daily routine?

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