Thursday, November 8, 2012

today's random thoughts

Met someone today who is from the Upper Peninsula  but, as she puts it, has to work downstate sometimes. She told us about how when she crosses the Mackinac Bridge she always rolls down her windows and opens the sun roof on her car to flush out the downstate air with good, clean UP air. She admitted that this time of year, it makes for some cold air in the car.

UP - not a separate state, just a separate state of mind.

We live out of town and typically come straight home after work. We don't spend many evenings in town, but tonight I had a meeting that kept me in town 'til dinner time, so I availed myself of some local food and drink. I walked downtown from campus for the exercise, the think time and to see what there was to see. After my dinner, the walk back to campus took me past the laundromat. Since it was dark outside, it was like looking in on a picture. Nothing says college town like seeing a student studying while doing laundry in the laundromat.
I'm not a particularly smiley person. I'm no grouch, just not necessarily one of those people who always are smiling. But when I see something just that's just so fun to see, I can't help but smile. Tonight I pulled into a store parking lot to go get a few things I needed. A grandpa and grandson were making their way toward their car right by where I was pulling in. Grandpa and grandson appeared to be having a great time, so I could not help but smile as I pulled up and walked by. Grandpa must have seen me appreciating the scene.  'Hi, how are you doing," he stated, to which I simply replied quietly 'Good!' A minor moment. It brought to mind a recent news report that I had heard about a study that showed how smiling at a stranger leads to good feelings in both parties involved. I have to agree with that study. It did feel good. I'm still not a particularly smiley person, but when the occasion present itself I guess I am.

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