Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting Started

This blog is all about knowing your place. All of us live somewhere andthat somewhere has some special features for us. i'd like to hear about what your place -- your neighborhood, your town or your region -- holds for you and i'd especially like to hear how those features enrich your lives. what does living in that unique place do for you? no bragging. it's not that you live in, oh, say, the foothills of the rocky mountains, or essentially on lake superior, or in the high plains. afterall, there are people who live in what is generally considered a very cool place, but never avail themselves of what their place has to offer. and there are people who live in what others would consider the most anywhere-USA kind of suburb but have found features that make it a specia. so let's hear what makes your place special to you.

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoy your idea, but the only time I can remember hearing this term "KNOW YOUR PLACE",is when mother said it to me. So I would sit quietly and begin the privilge of day dreaming, I really didn't mind I was home from college for the summer anyway.
    I have never really found my place, but I have tried alot of places to find my place. Telling folks I live in a forest would be describing a place, but then they could only have to imagine my place while describing it to them standing in another place.Then my place would be in their head, if I gave them the right place in the first place, and not a distorted view. Not that you should think that my place is in a disorted view, it is that which I can present and then the rest is up to YOU! Mr. Z thank you for being interest others Special Place's, and I guess it's not to difficult to figure out where MIND really is.