Tuesday, February 9, 2010

low-adventure? everyday adventure?

it would surely be very cool to be able to climb mt. kilimanjaro. that is certainly a high adventure. but, unless you so happen to live there, it is not something that you would do regularly. by low-adventure or everyday adventure, i mean what you can do right outside your door that you can take advantage of and that helps make your place a special place to live.

where i live now, we have reliable snowpack and places to XC ski. there is a groomed trail in town with loops of 1 to 8 miles. but right here on campus, there is a loop, too. it is only about 1000+ meters but it is literally right outside my door. no driving to the trail involved. i can squeeze in a quick ski between classes easily enough. just a few blocks away there is a backwoods trail for a bit more adventure.

i will describe several other low-adventures i take advantage of. i would like to hear about yours, too.

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