Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Today, I pass this link on to you:
and I’d like to say that I’m happy to post the following contribution from a colleague:

Natural Landscape Criticism
By Hugh Roberts

So this friend of mine says ‘Hugh, you gotta come see this special place of mine.’ ‘Oh, great,’ I thought, ‘another forest to traipse through.’

We get there and naturally it was just the same old thing. So clichéd. I mean the grey foliose lichens on the darker grey boulders. It’s been done to death. The odd yellow birch snags scattered in the sugar maples and the ironwood. Yawn. The coarse woody debris. So representational. Like it was put together by Frank Lloyd Wright or something.

Who am I to say that? I’m the first landscape critic. It's not a major in college yet, but just wait.

As a natural landscape critic, It’s my job to make a case for the avant- garde in natural landscapes. To get people to think beyond the typical nicey-nicey. Natural landscapes are nature’s art. Art should be challenging. Art should make us think deeply about our place in the universe. It should lead us to hard questions. Come on, nature. Show us something new. New colors. New tree architectures. New juxtapositions of geology and organisms. Challenge our sensibilities. Enough of representationalism. Shock me with something new. Where’s the Frank Gehry of natural landscapes?

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