Monday, April 5, 2010

sounds of a place

This time of year, the sounds of my place are spring peepers and woodfrogs, sandhill cranes, canada geese, woodcocks, coyotes. Sometimes I need to say to all these noisy animals 'Shut up, we're trying to enjoy nature here.'

It is nice that the sounds of our place are wildlife. I don't mind the foghorns of the boats and I have never minded a train 1/2 mile off. Those are industrial sounds that are actually evocative and so are nice in their own way. A train a few yards away would be annoying. We can also hear the freeway from about 1/2 mile off when the wind is right. That sound isn't particularly nice. No sirens anyway. If you grew up in the city but are now living in the country, would horns and sirens evoke pleasant memories like foghorns would for someone who grew up here but is now living too far inland to get that sound?

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