Wednesday, March 28, 2012


One way this place informs my life is the weather. This week, we’re back to more seasonable temps with some light precip. So being the fair-weather bike commuter that I am, I am not on two wheels this week. Harsh, cold winds and rain? No thanks, I’ve been out in that weather on a bike and and it really wasn’t enjoyable at all. But the probability of what I consider cycling compatible weather should be on the rise right on through the fall so I do look forward to many days of round trip cycling fun – perhaps stretched out to a training ride from time to time. Just not this week. Some people seem to think that since they wouldn’t ride or walk to work everyday due to weather, they can’t do it any day. Seems to be too much trouble to decide that morning what mode of transportation to use. (One drawback to switching modes is that one can forget how one came in that day. At another place when I lived closer to school, I did walk home one day only to hear the family: “where’s the car.” Me: “Oops!”.) There are people out there for which it just doesn’t occur to them to do something different from what they’ve always done. For those in that category, a local group offers ‘Walk and Roll to Work and School.” This year it falls on Earth Day. How convenient! As I tell people, it’s not to be the only day you walk or roll to work and school, but it is an excuse for people to try it. Who knows. They might like it. So thanks Building Healthier Communities Coalition and Sault Trails Group for sponsoring this event.


  1. I live quite a ways from my workplace, but I started doing a multi-modal commute last year, once I got a folding bike. I really love it because I can choose how far I feel like riding everyday, depending on how far I drive. If I leave a little earlier in the morning, I can get a couple extra miles in on the bike.

  2. yeah for foldie bike. i have an old one. quite heavy and a bit cumbersome to fold but still a nice part of my expanding bike collection. so do you jump on the bus and hop off when you want to start riding? or vice versa?