Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Placemaking

Want your place to be a special place? You don’t have to wait until the professionals do their special placemaking work. Find a destination that’s 30 minutes or so walk or bike ride away along an enjoyable route. Get friends and/or family together and walk or ride to that spot and enjoy the activities to be had there. Do that a few times and voila, you’ve done some DIY placemaking. Your doing a fun activity with family and friend, enjoying the trip there and back outside of your car, seeing and commenting on things that you otherwise would not see and comment on.

That amazing insight came to me yesterday. A new ice cream shop recently opened up. It’s a convenient 30 min bike ride away. So yesterday I took the 30 min ride, enjoyed a nice ice cream cone on their picnic table and rode back, enjoying the trip and the treat (and it made for a good motivation for the ride). Now I can tell others about it and convince them to come along.

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