Friday, June 22, 2012

thanks, bridge toll taking guy!

If you travel on the Mighty Mac very much, you're sure to have paid your toll to the native american fellow who is always so friendly. I don't know his name but he makes the crossing even more fun than it already is. On a recent crossing, he said, as he generally does, 'how are you doing young man?' I said 'you've been calling me young man for more than 10 years, I'm not so young anymore,' and he replied 'sure you are.'

The automated toll booths are convenient. I admit that I usually use them. But when I either need a receipt to get paid back for a business trip or am pulling a trailer, which the automated lanes don't allow, it's nice to get the real thing...human contact with someone who knows that a friendly comment can make his job more enjoyable and make his customer's day brighter . So thanks, bridge toll taking guy. You bring the bridge down to a personal scale.

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