Wednesday, April 11, 2012

change of seasons, almost

Our DQ is a real local favorite. It's not one of those big city, dine-in restaurants. OIt's a walk-up. You step up to the window, order your treat and enjoy it either sitting on the few benches right there or more typically taking it with you, say, down to one of our wonderful parks on the St. Marys River. Given our climate and the fact that there is no indoor space for customers, our DQ is closed in the winter. The re-opening of DQ is thus a harbinger of spring for us. It generally opens sometime right about the public school spring break. The opening was delayed a bit this year because they had to replace a freezer. But yesterday was the first full day open. And we had snow flurries. So, yes, people did stand in line to get a blizzard in the snow flurries. It's not at all unusual to see people arms crossed to stay warm while waiting in line at the DQ in April and even May.

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