Monday, April 23, 2012

Learning Patience II

Another lesson in patience today. I set a record for time to ride in to school. The longest time to ride in to school. Here's the recipe for setting that record. Start with a not-so-common, stiff NE breeze (guess who lives SW of campus), Then pedal slowly since so you don't get your go-to-meeting clothes all sweaty, And be sure to take the mtn bike because a. its lighter than robo-bike and thus easier to toss in the back of the car when you get the ride home this evening b. you'll be in street clothes not in road bike clothes. And there you have it. A never-fail recipe for slow. Still it was an interesting 50 minutes. Toodling along into a stiff breeze on fat tires and in an upright position helps one develop patience.

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