Sunday, April 15, 2012

Learning Patience on the Bridge

One way this place informs my life is the fact that we’re on the Canadian border. My academic pursuits take be across the border each week. I also enjoy hearing the news from an-outside-of-the-US perspective and learning about Canadian politics (well, mainly via the Rick Mercer Report). Canadian TV is handy that way. (It’s still the old grainy style of TV so one TV upstairs is the Canadian TV). Usually crossing the border is not a problem – every now and then there’s the random check -- but with summer coming on, the traffic across the bridge is increasing and thus the delays on the bridge are increasing. I had gotten spoiled by quick crossings this winter and forgot to leave extra time for getting back to the University this past Friday. It was about 45 minutes instead of the usual 5-10 minutes. Sitting on the bridge teaches one patience. There’s nothing to do but wait. Does no good to stew and steam. The view of the St. Marys River makes it more tolerable than traffic jams on an interstate. It’s always a great sight across the up and down the river from the bridge. Technology helps, too. I made an appointment I’d been procrastinating about, checked my phone messages, updated my list of things to do. And that’s without a smart phone. I always put the car in neutral at the top of the incline and coast. Don’t know why everyone doesn’t. Brakes and steering work with the car switched off. It saves gas and reduces pollution. Maybe it doesn’t occur to others. Maybe they just like the idea of their car running. Or maybe they have friends in the petroleum business and want to make sure their friends are getting enough sales. (Is that why people leave their cars running while they go into a store?). Every once in a while I see a bicyclist on the bridge. My respect for heights (not quite acrophobia, just acro-concern-ia) prevents me from being that environmentally conscious. Next time I will remember to leave more time. The only time I feel frustrated on the bridge is when I’m in a hurry to get somewhere. I won’t have so many appointments once school’s out in a few weeks, so that helps, too. Happy crossings everyone!

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